In in shaping her own personal identity. “

In Mother Tongue by Amy Tan. She writes, “I think my mother’s English almost had an effect on limiting my possibilities in life”. Tan is trying to look for the connection between one’s language and their identity, she examines not only how language affects that development of one identity, but also the roll it has in the way One is perceived by society.

Tan shares a few anecdotes illustrating the role language played in shaping her own personal identity. ” I think my mother is English almost had an affect on limiting my possibilities in life as well.” Tan goes on to explore the idea that the “broken English” ,she heard spoken by her mother at home ultimately led her doing poorly in English, at least when compared to her science and math score. This led Her teachers to steer her away from writing and more towards math and science. In Tan’s case her “rebellious nature” led her to become an English major her first year of college. Many other Asian American students are not as headstrong as Tan and therefore are push into careers in math and science, this undoubtedly affects one’s identity as careers are a major component of an individual’s life.

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