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In my essay I will be presenting the commonly held social value which is success. I will critically evaluate what is meant by the term success, and will attempt to explain why people in society feel the need to be successful and why as a community we participate in the practice to become successful. Also, I will talk about why success is caused, through what motives and the reasoning behind it, challenging these views along the way. The drive to succeed in life has been forced upon people within each society, however, each society will have their own way in which they explain it, and how people can come across it.

I’m going to help understand how most societies will view success in life, and how this is passed down through society and being taught to younger generations. This however can change through each generation as they will have their own take or opinions based on how they have been brought up, so the meaning of success can be altered or changed all the time. After I have presented all of this, I will then critically examine the way a Marxist would view it all, then as my counter argument, who would disagree with this and why. We all dream about what we want in life, what things would make us more content and happier with our lives. This can be linked to our success.

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This then means we all want to succeed in life based on achieving our dream. Success is how we control what we do in life. By this I mean that we will live our lives based on our dream, our actions will be based or structured around maintaining these goals. Some people have a dream to have a lot of money and own a lot of possessions, however some people have a dream to just have a happy life. Even though people have these different dreams, once achieved, they believe they have then succeeded in life.

People have many different reasons for wanting to achieve success in life. One key reason which is shared across society would be that behind every plan. No matter the difference between them, there will be milestones and steps to be achieved to actually reach the dreams. Milestones could be things like graduating from university or college, or by getting a desired job. A person will class each milestone as a positive thing and a step in the right direction, which in turn will bring that person happiness. This is because the person can see the progress they are making towards their dream or goal.

If the person has an experience that benefits them and is linked to achieving their desired goal, we then find it enjoyable and this then gives us the drive to do better and achieve more. As I have already stated, different communities and societies see successfulness differently, however, a similarity that can be related to any kind of success would be the road towards it. It is believed that the ways to be able to succeed in achieving the goal is to: be hard working, have an education of some sort, taking risks along the way and persistence. No matter of our situation or position in society, the only way to be successful is to have all these traits, without will result in not achieving the dream.

A study found that money was one of the things in every society that was not needed for success, it found that hard work covers the other traits that is needed. However, if you were to look at this through a Marxist point of view, they’d disagree. As I said, success is more likely to come about through having an education and hard work, but Marxists believe that the education system is just a scheme to set people up for labour. They believe that schools teach people the traits I previously mentioned, but not to help them succeed, but to set them up to work for the ruling class. So, if the education system is setting people up to serve the ruling class, then people are being deceived.

They believe they are being taught valuable lessons on how they can succeed later in life and what journey they have to go on, and they will believe and live like this for the rest of their lives but really, they are just making it easier for the ruling class, or the bourgeoisie to be successful. Sociologists Bowles and Gintis suggest that there is a connection between the skills and traits that are needed for the workplace and the skills that are taught by the education system, strongly supporting the point that it sets people up for work, not for them to actually succeed. They say that these traits are learnt through the hidden curriculum, which is what pupils learn from just going to school, not what classes or lessons they are in. This shows that the system is set up in a way that everyone is introduced to these skills, no matter the subject.

This could then be linked to the fact that everyone has different dreams and goals, like having different subjects, but require the same approach, like being taught the same skills.


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