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In my opinion, one of the most important elements that determines the employees’ loyalty towards their organization is how much they feel their opinions and contributions are heard and appreciated, and if they have an influence on the decision making. Employees who feel more involved and empowered in the decision?making will always have more evaluation and appreciation of the organization. On the other hand, transactional leadership has a negative effect on the employees’ observation of the organization.

As mentioned previously, in general, in Alshaya the leadership style is more transformational and the most two prevailed leadership styles are empowering which happens on the top level and involvement which happens on the mid-level.Alshaya’s 3 values today are: Think Big, Act Small, and Be Alshaya.Because of empowerment and the involvement, the employees feel that are highly trusted to make decisions, they feel more free to drive the business. This results in a motivated team in the organization. Those teams are constantly going the extra miles, and using passion to achieve great results. They are always thinking big.Passion is always a great way to achieve results.

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By empowering the team and involving them in the business decisions, this means that the company trusts their opinions and hear their feedback. The organization values its teams and leave a room for them to be able to treat the business as if it’s their own. This will drive the teams to be very passionate about what they do and how they do it. A great example of the involvement of the teams was recently with a companywide project that the CEO and COO wanted to implement. To lift sales in the company, the CEO and COO asked all the leaders and managers to come up with open ideas on how we motivate our store teams for them to achieve greatest sales results.

Those managers and leaders met in different groups and came up with 16 different ideas. Everyone participated in the meetings with their own opinions and all the groups came up with different initiatives that were all implemented in the business. This was a great example of when empowering and involving the employees they would passionately deliver best results.


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