In had more to lose than the British.

In my opinion the Americans won the revolutionary war by thinking the colonists had more to lose than the British. Also they were fighting for freedom in their home they had everything to lose if they did not win the war. The colonist didn’t know the land but they were determined to fight and still try to won. The British thought they were automatically win the war since they stepped on the colonist soil but they were wrong.

They didn’t expect what was coming to them. The colonist had a determination to be free so they fought ten times harder. The president which was George Washington helped tremendously with winning the war. He wasn’t being selfless and making things upon himself. He made different roles for different people that could handle that role.

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Also financial, military and France helped the war become a win by the colonist. If France had not helped the colonist they more and likely would have lost. We didn’t have the military support without them. The determinations and spirit was the best for the colonist because that was one of the main things that made them win. They were determined to be free. No matter what they kept fighting. Because the colonist kept fighting and not gave up and pushing through the harsh attacks by the British the colonist won the revolutionary war.


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