In the profession and to put me ahead

In my pursuit of a stable career, the most important thing is to set out achievable goals and a plan which will act as a guideline towards achieving success.

Having a plan ensures that all opportunities that are in line with my career are used maximally to advance the profession and to put me ahead of other people the same line of work. The goals laid out; set personal targets that help motivate and keep the faith alive that success is inevitable if I follow them. Also, they describe the mission and vision which aid in identifying when I am deviating from the set plan.

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I am currently working as a software developer which has been my career of choice for more than five years now. Software development gives me the opportunity to work at the heart of technology and innovation. In this day and age, almost 60% of life is governed and controlled by software or an application, therefore, the need for a software developer, which gives me an opportunity to exercise my ability and passion at a wider scale. However, in the past, I have worked in other companies that are slightly out of line with my current career. Nonetheless, these jobs have played a significant role in establishing various interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that have eventually helped build a stable career up to this point.

Secondly, it has taught me how to work with different people who are of varying personality, social and racial background. Some of the virtues that build a good career like time management, excellent leadership skills, and critical thinking were cultivated during my time at some of these jobs.We are currently in the information age which makes software developers the greatest beneficiaries of this age.

With every service going online there is a need for software and applications to manage these services. This phenomenon creates more jobs for developers making the sector the most competitive and marketable industry. Secondly, the tools used in software development keep changing and becoming more efficient which makes the job exciting as I get to learn new things which eventually ease my work. The good thing about software development is that the results of a work well done are instant and happen in the process of developing the software which brings instant gratification and acts as a motivation to continue working. Despite having so many advantages, working as a software developer requires you also to be ready to deal with complex tasks.

Complexity arises because in most cases projects tend to grow with the number of people getting access to it. The second disadvantage is that some the corporations do not understand the complexity and the need for software to run their businesses.The ultimate goal is to start my own software development company which will assist in bridging the gap between industries, create employment, and establish freedom to work with any sector.

As technology keeps shifting, it is essential to reinvent self in five years which is done by taking short managerial courses which are career and technology based. These courses will be an added advantage when making decisions as the company head. The classes will help me learn the intricate details of how a company should be run and how to ensure that your workers are happy.


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