In My step-brother was driving at a speed

In my whole entire life, I had set my heart on owing my own car and eventually I bought my first new car in December of last year. It was snowing very bad on Christmas eve, my family and I decided to do something fun before the new year began. We planned to visit the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells with my car. The next day we packed our belongings and decided to start our journey. It was about one hundred and ten miles which was an hour and a half drive.
I never knew that day would be one of the days which I will forever hate in my life. Everything started on a good note with my step-brother and step-mom on board. My step-brother was driving at a speed of 95 miles per hour on The Interstate 295 road leading to Minnesota. We were 45 miles away from Madison which was the nearest city close to Wisconsin Dells. As my step-brother changed from the left lane to the middle lane with a high speed, the car suffered a catastrophic tire blow out. Thus, the vehicle started vibrating and drifting on the highway. The car swerved us to the left and the other way around. I was a little bit nervous because each time that happened my body was shocked by the movement of the car. Finally, the car somersaulted to the curb of the road. My step-mother started shouting for help and started praying “Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus Please save us from this.” I turned to my right and it was only a corn farm. I then turned to my left and there was mounded snow all over the pavement. Everything seemed to happen so fast.
We had strangers following our car for about five miles before the incident happened. They pulled over close to the scene to make sure everything was OK with us. They were also a family of four in number traveling. They saw it to be a critical condition and decided to help us out. The doors of the car were all locked up immediately which made it difficult for them to get in. Suddenly my stepbrother started screaming and shouting for help. I overheard one of the strangers suggesting breaking down the window to rescue us. They managed to get into the car through the window on the driver’s side and dragged my step-brother out first. He had a serious injury on his forehead and his shirt was soaked with blood. They had him laid upon the sideroad and called 911 for help. Before the paramedic team arrived at the scene. I was very nervous. I can feel my balls in my heart and the pressure of my heart beat because I was so scared I was going to die and then I forced myself out through the window. My step-Mom stayed in the car with her seat belt on until the paramedics got to the scene. Finally, the Ambulance arrived, the emergency medical technicians quickly rushed to my stepbrother on the street to access his condition and determine the course of treatment.
They started to stop the flowing blood dripping down by bandaging the wound on his forehead. I had a serious cut on my knee and one of the family members who came to our rescue gave me his shirt to be used as a tourniquet to also stop the blood. We were Finally conveyed into the ambulance and made our way to the SSM Health Hospital which was the closest one. I was happy my step Mom was alright. I had a few stitches in my right knee and my step-brother was rushed to the emergency room because he was in serious condition and admitted to the hospital for two days.
Since this accident, I have been very aware of how important and precious life is because one can lose his or her life in a twinkle of an eye, also we should always try to help strangers when they are in need because it’s good to do good deeds for others, Right now, I am still scared of road trips. I remember this because it just happened and fresh in my memory.


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