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In order to evaluate my own knowledge, performance and understanding i need to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses in my work, identifying major factors that influence the way i develop and the way they affect the way i work and relate to others in the work place, this can come under reflective practice where i evaluate the way in which i work and do things. when i have pin pointed my strengths and weaknesses i don’t take the weaknesses as a negative i take them on board and find ways i can improve them to improve my performance at work. As i want to grow in my career it means i need to be up to date with all care standards of the work place and knowledge which means i will put myself forward for any training courses and do on line training courses to keep my knowledge up to date as i develop and also my understanding of where i am at, what i need to do and time scale of which to achieve this.There are three main factors to consider when taking an approach to professional development and they are what are my goals, what do i want to achieve, how am i going to achieve it and how will i know when i have achieved it. in order to know these things i need to right a record of what i have done, what i would like to do and how long to do it in, this is setting myself goals which will help me progress in my career.

it will also help me to evaluate each stage of my development.

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