the core dualistic functionality of

In other words, the core dualistic functionality of this universe causes the character (nature, essence, spirit) of your deeds and their results to determine the nature of what happens in your future. Whether that’s in the next hour, year, or between lifetimes, all future outcomes are directly influenced by what you (and others) have done. It is vital to grasp that this universe and our resulting realities are the product of collective thoughts and deeds, in addition to your own. Thereby, there is both individual and collective (group) karma, just as there are individual and collective influences on all aspects of reality.

To reiterate, you are affected by the deeds and outcomes of the groups and activities that you support and participate in, as well as your individual deeds. Thereby, if you are part of a nation, empire, institution (money, religion, politics) or other group (corporation, economy, military, species, etc.) that causes harm, then you are partially responsible.

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Consequently, your karma and resulting realities are affected by both individual and collective inputs.


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