In assignments, researches, and any other school works

In our current generation, social media has a culutural mobility. Social media works for interaction, communication, and social exchanges of opinions, ideas, and beliefs without leaving your home. It can be a solution to your loneliness and boredom because it has many applications that can make you busy.

What is social media? Social media is a websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Maybe it has an bad effects to ours because many people are wasting time and over-using it. However, social media can make our works easier it can helps us by making our assignments, researches, and any other school works and activities. In other’s opinion, social media can bring us to positive and negative effects some positive effects are like what I say is can make our works easier but it has many negative effects if we use it for nonsense things and the effects that included here is cyberbullying, lack of time-management, lack of sleep, etc. Social media have gained popularity with Internet users.

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Although we have our favorites, it is always good to try new options, like Surfing the Internet is very time-consuming. Good advice about social media is what we all desperately need.


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