In our day to day life, we can see a lot of changes that happen in our society from time to time. But what are the ways of sensing these changes, why they occur and what can be the outcome of these changes. Wright Mills, in his article “The Promise” wanted to describe that. He thought that sociological imagination is experiencing individuals life with a relation with history and ongoing events in a vicious circle. Most of the people now feel trapped in their own lives and how society affects their lives. The things that happen in a individuals life are connected with society as a whole. Mills wanted to see the connection with personal troubles and public issues. He gave some definitions and examples of troubles, issues, milieu, indifference, uneasiness which help us to know about sociological imagination.
I think a person can know himself by locating himself properly and it will help to know the chances of being successful in his life. But most of the people cant make it. And for this reasons a lot of power goes to the small group of elites.


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