In that more people can be encouraged.

In our system, pay only at once. No need to pay again n again just buy and install it. Cost is also a very main challenge to achieve in proposing safety system.

This is because to perform safety and security, the system should also not be very expensive enough that it covers all the costs in installation. A medium cost solution is optimum enough so that more people can be encouraged. Different systems have been proposed in the past that provides a cost effective solution and easy to install techniques. But some systems are expensive due to their scalability and wider applications.24 points 24VDC digital input (2 points high speed 100KHz, 6 points medium speed 20KHz, 8 points medium speed total 5KHz), 16 points relay or transistor output (2 points high speed 100KHz, 6 points medium speed 20KHz), 1 RS232 or USB port (expandable up to 3), (MB is detachable terminal block)The whole system was controlled in centralized area where the internet router range competes with them (100 m).when an K.

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E supply is at OFF stage, then the system is at generator and at that time generator was at ON state. Our task is to maintaining the load with the respect of important places, where the supply needs first. Example: the decision between school and industry. So our first priority is school because school needs supply in the evening and at that time we have an opportunity to close the supply of an industry.

Then it comes to relay circuits. When a high load comes so our choice is to open the supply 50% or to 70%.To find the location of the high load, uses coordinates of the software PLC FATEK Ethernet module.


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