In movements. First of all, a resistance requires

In “Outside View: Liberation by the People,” Jack DuVall (2004) writes how nonviolent resistances attain their persistence and accomplishments of their movements. First of all, a resistance requires people to work with. They have to articulate their purpose to others to let them concur; moreover, they need diversity of the people who work with the resistance. They then need to enlarge the movement with 3 steps: diluting the regime’s power to be relatively bigger; decrease their risk of being suppressed by diminishing, multiplying, and spreading the resistance to lessen fear of cooperation; keep all stages of resistance nonviolent to let the police and soldiers notice the opponent of the resistance is the top of the regime. In addition, they must find supports. Spreading the idea of distrust of regime may befriend police, soldiers, and the resistance, and it assuages possible hatred of each other. They also need international supports to resist the regime.

Finally, they have to prepare for the end of the movement by decelerating the resistance to be ready for a final step and raise the resistance to let the regime be defensive.

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