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In present situation for a company to be in profits, they need to accept the importance of project management and change accordingly.

So far, the executives are more concerned about their positions. There are teams that are managed by managers who would like to continue to maintain the reporting structure and power. In my opinion, waiting for long time to develop an EPM system results in communication gap within the staff and also bad cooperative culture in the company.Analysing the case, it is noticeable that the corporate culture is characterized by individualism in spite of cooperation, regarding both departments and their executives.

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Indeed, for the latters, the prospect of losing authority and power overcomes the benefits originated by the introduction of Project Management. This can be seen as a clear evidence of the lack of correlation between the true essence of the corporate culture concept and the executives’ behaviour. Moreover, the significance of this issue is confirmed by the President’s bewilderment regarding his staff’s reluctance towards an EPM development. Indeed, executives showed more concerns about the changes in hierarchy status rather than the likelihood of losing their jobs. In fact, the President has proved that the company is losing marketplace, therefore the introduction of an EPM approach could help the company to recover its position.


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