In degree of absenteeism. The influence of

In sociological and social psychological studies of work behavior, measures of absenteeism have often been used in the analysis. Most often the measure have been looked upon us dependent variables; indicators of the effectiveness of the organization or also indicators of satisfaction and adjustment of the students. Some studies have had as their explicit goal to find correlates of absenteeism and spell out the causal relationship; thereby making it possible to improve the situation that is to reduce the degree of absenteeism. The influence of personal-related aspect that involves laziness and lacking of students’ interest towards school, family-related aspect that involves parents’ intervention in their children’s education and school-related aspect that involves facilities, facilitators and school environment for students play a vital role in this problem.
With these, the researchers are motivated to find out the aspect that triggers the increasing absenteeism rate of Grade 12, GAS students in Culasi National High School, the most.


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