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In the next two decades, our typical handguns might be known as unnecessarily lethal weapons as tactical weapons become “on the rise”.

Most lethal guns wouldn’t be sold anymore, at least on the major scale. Many people would be using TACLp or something of sort if our brand made it to the point where most people knew it first hand. Our gun can fire up to 10,000 lumens at their target, and we hope to make it all the way to the military, and if we could get the TACLp to the world’s militaries, we could completely open up the world of peaceful surrendering. Therefore, many more people would be able to join the military, without being terrified that they might die in the process of being in it.

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In 20 or some years the the legacy of the TACLp would in theory be a great success and continue to be because of the benefits it brings to our society. In the future, people will still own the deadly lethal weapons that most people fear due to the Second Amendment, but nevertheless, we sure hope that the amount of guns out in the public and the amount of people who use guns lower, and many more people begin to use the TACLp to protect the owner, and to save the life of the attacker, while still disabling his attacking abilities Plus, if people used these types of guns more often, the amount of attackers that would have to face prison time would raise, and that would for sure help us obtain justice in the long run.Breakthroughs You may think what is needed to power such a powerful gun. For the TACLp it would need two simple but very sophisticated objects to work with the expectations we are promising.

One of the first major breakthroughs (that will help us in our pursuit to make the most reliable weapon that is battery powered) is the Ni-MH (nickel-metal hybrid) battery. These types of batteries have more storage compared to other types of batteries, can be recharged up to a thousand times, are faster to charge that the standard AA batteries, and are eco-friendly.  In many guns we see they are made of springs and some even use air pressure to exceed range of the bullet.

                                              An example of what the inside of the Ni-MH battery looks like.Well when we think of Ni-MH battery, what usually comes to mind is a laptop battery, but in this case, we will use it in our TACLp. The Ni-MH battery would need two of the batteries combined together, only so it could reach unimaginable range. For this reason alone it, would cost a lot of money and time for researchers to make a breakthrough in this kind of technology. So the TACLp, like any other product in the world, would have to be held back until great discoveries of what we need are made.

This brings be to the topic of electromagnetic waves that could be used for the TACLp. Electromagnetic waves are a great idea to use because with the power (and if used correctly), the TACLp can achieve the impossible in power and range. Currently the use of electromagnetic waves are being researched more and more everyday by the creators of the nailgun. The nail gun uses these waves as a power source and as we all know it is very powerful. So until the Ni-MH battery are discovered in a way to be used with electromagnetic waves we would have to wait.

Nevertheless, all this is wait is for the betterment of the TACLp, and when these great discoveries are made it will be used to the betterment of the whole society, not just the TACLp.Design Process We have thought about many other ideas for our TACLp that were rejected for one reason or another. One of the largest rejections we have made were to use lithium-ion batteries. They are very reliable and use in many places in the world nowadays.

The only let down is, is that the cost of lithium-ion batteries are through the roof. The only reason that is is because most countries don’t mine for cobalt. The only way cobalt is obtained is by platinum miners who get cobalt as a byproduct, which isn’t a really reliable source. Nickel for Ni-MH batteries on the other hand is purposely mined and serves and a very common and powerful conductor that would help to save energy, and make sure that everything that our clients buy, is something of quality, and something that will serve them for more than a lifetime.

The next idea we had for this project was to focus on making the product as a single-use product. We technically didn’t reject this idea, but we didn’t want it to completely represent our brand. Thus, we made our products available either as a single-use, or a lifetime sectioned TACLp. Both products are good for different circumstances like: if you feel like you had to go somewhere that wasn’t necessarily the safest place ever, you might want to buy the single use, and the single use doesn’t mean one shot of light, but rather a battery that might die in five minutes or so, but on the other hand, if you felt like you constantly needed this type of safety, they the lifetime use would be perfect because you would have to worry about ever walking around feeling unsafe.

The third and final idea that we somewhat rejected was the idea of purchasing our lightbulbs from major companies because they might be able to supply us. That might be a good idea in the future, if this brand expands that far, but we still think that we should by the light bulbs from people because, with the safety precautions, we can extract the light piece from every individual light bulb and use it to its full life. Obviously it would be expensive to check each light bulbs life with specific technology, but this will guarantee quality, and would still be cheaper than buying the bulbs from mainstream companies.


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