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In term of commissioning party, sometimes a surrogate mother changes her mind and refuses to give up the child. However, in states where surrogacy is allowed, the biological mother usually does not win custody or visitation rights. In most cases, both the surrogate and the parents sign a contract to prevent this from happening. Nonetheless, there is always the chance that the surrogate mother might win her case.Secondly, Research by the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that in 2010, 48.

5 million couples worldwide were unable to have a child. They found that 1.9 percent of women aged 20-44 who wanted a child were unable to have their first live birth and 10.5 percent of women who had previously given birth were unable to have another baby after five years of trying. Surrogacy completes families. For those who have struggled with infertility, LGBT couples, and those with medical conditions that make pregnancy unsafe, surrogacy is often the answer to years of unsuccessful attempts to create a family. It also allows for genetic connections. Gestational surrogacy often enables one or both parents to maintain a biological relationship with their child.

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Surrogacy creates relationships, which means many intended parents become close with their surrogate and her family during the process, developing meaningful bonds that can last a lifetime.Finally, laws is needed to standard the market order, such as price and qualification of surrogate mother. At present, there is neither a uniform, standard legal definition of surrogacy, nor is there any uniform standard setting preconditions or defining elements to determine if a surrogacy arrangement is lawful. There cannot be a violation until legislation lays down what constitutes legal or lawful surrogacy, including commercial surrogacy or any surrogacy arrangement involving monetary compensation. Right now there aren’t any regulations about who can be a surrogate mother.

But experts agree on a few points about how to select one.


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