In in European History. Big changes began

In the 1300s the Middle Ages began to fall, thus began the Renaissance.

During the Middle Ages most of Churches in Europe had a powerful impact in all people. During the Middle Ages, almost all people had very few rights on what they could do. Many thought they had one certain job they could do. In the Middle Ages, mostly everything existed and focused on Jesus Christ and the Sins of Everyman. During the early 1300s important changes began to take place. The time period where changes took place is called, ” The Renaissance”. What is the Renaissance? The Renaissance was a time period of rebirth. It began to develop from the 1400s to 1700s, the Renaissance was a big change in European History.

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Big changes began to occur, through a way of seeing brand new types of Art, Literature, and the studies of Medicine. These four important parts were the main beginnings to a new period which became known as, “The Renaissance”.When the Renaissance, began to spread so did new ideas. Man’s view of the World changed with a different type of Art. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci and Duccio Di Buoninsegna both had two different types of paintings (Document A Source 1). Buoninsegna’s painting was created in the late 13th century, Da Vinci’s painting was created in the 16th century. Buoninsegna’s painting in Document A, was before the Renaissance (left side).

In Document A, Da Vinci’s painting was more detailed with his very own different visual he showed more emotions which created new interests of the new age. In Document A, Rabb states, “It was the essence of the Renaissance….one begins to know the names of the artists…feel stronger emotions in the subjects…

see well-defined landscapes, natural folds in drapery, and three-dimensional figures;and one begins to notice the emphasis on symbolic representation giving way to depictions of recognizable scenes… the new artistic styles would echo the broader movements and interest of the artistic styles would echo the broader movements and interests of the new age…”. (441) This gave man a more processed view on how much paintings from the Renaissance had changed since the Middle Ages. With importants parts of the Renaissance Literature was a major part in the Renaissance that changed Man’s View of the World. When the Renaissance period came, Illiteracy began to change. Everyone was given the opportunity to write or read which came from the movement called, “Humanism”. In the Background Essay called, ” How Did the Renaissance Change Man’s View of the World?” it states, ” The numbers of merchants and bankers increased. Since these people needed to have and education to effectively carry on their work, literacy spread. Eventually, Educated people began to question the teachings of Church.

A movement called Humanism developed, which praised the beauty and intelligence of the individual.” This was how literacy started to begin during the Renaissance for Man’s View of the World. As literature began to spread during the Renaissance, Man’s View of the World through literature was the perfect model. For example, (Document B Source 2) In William Shakespeare’s Play, “Hamlet” Act ll, Scene ll the text states, ” What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon* of animals!”. So, during the Renaissance Shakespeare is trying to identify what the perfect model is now after the Middle ages.

In the Middle Ages, humans we thought to be sinners. Humans were thought only as creatures of God. In the excerpt, Everymen the text states, ” Ye think sin in the beginning full sweet , which in the end causeth thy soul to weep, when the body lieth in clay, Here shall you see how fellowship and jollity, Both strength , pleasure, and beauty, will fade from thee as flower in May. For ye shall hear, how our Heaven-King Calleth everyman to a general reckoning:* Give audience, and hear what he doth say.

” So, in Everyman’s play in the middle ages they understand if they keep sinning they’ll get in trouble. So, during the Renaissance man then Comes to realization on what the perfect model is. Literature changed Man’s View of the World by understanding that everyone is beautiful and is god like.


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