In students to cheat during examinations is

In the 21st century, peoples are much concerned about the certificate. Nowadays, no matter what you want to work, you need a certificate. You can imagine how important the certificate are. Because of a certificate, students cheat during examinations.Firstly, the main reason for students to cheat during examinations is they desire to have a good grades. Most of the students who cheat during the examinations ordinarily have a lot of stress from their family.

Especially for those who have brother or sister with good grades in exam. Because of this, they will force themselves to get a good grades in their exam. When they get stuck during exam, they will cheat. In similar, students cheat because of a good fame. When they see their classmates have a good grades in exam, they want this fame too, so they will cheat during examinations. Therefore, students will do anything to get a good grades, even cheating during exam. Furthermore, the second reason that make students cheat during examinations is they desire to have a high-paying job after finish school.

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Nowadays, students are living in the world who always need good grades and certificate. This make students to think that a better grades will lead them to get a high-paying job. For those who are lazy, lack of study and wanted to get a high-paying job, cheating will did by them during examinations. They don’t even think about when they have been caught cheating during the examinations, this will destroy their future and their personal reputation.Lastly, lack of high self-esteem is also a reason for students to cheat on their exam.

Those students who have a high self-esteem will feel shame to cheat during their exam. They will think that they need to get a good grades due to their own knowledge but not to cheat on their exam. Conversely, for those students who have a low self-esteem, they will only value on the final grades but not depend on their own knowledge. They will cheat whenever is possible. This will lead them to a dark future.In conclusion, the reasons that make students to cheat on their exam are desire to have a good grades, high-paying job and lack of high-esteem.

Cheat on exam is a very bad and dishonest habit, so, students should avoid cheating during exam and students need to be more hardworking in their studies, because work hard is the only way to lead you to success.


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