In Also the students aren’t motivated because

In the article “Against School” John Gatto says that boredom is ruining kids education.

Gatto says that it’s our own fault that we are bored. Through the use of his examples, Gatto makes it clear and convincing that schools are failing to educate student. He starts off by saying that boredom is everywhere; it is even in our schools. Gatto continues by saying that the teachers and students are bored. The reason that the students are bored is because they aren’t be challenged and it’s not realistic. While the teachers say it’s the students fault for them being bored.

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However a little later in the reading Gato says that it’s our own fault for being bored. Since both the students and teachers aren’t motivated there isn’t going to be a lot of learning, so then there is no point in school. “we could easily and inexpensively jettison the old, stupid structures and help kids take an education rather than merely receive a schooling (Gatto).” A lot of the teachers are just looking forward to their payday. Also the students aren’t motivated because teachers don’t really know their own subjects.He then asks if we even need to go to school.

He then uses Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson as an example because they were successful and weren’t schooled. So now he questions what’s the point of school and his answer is “to make good people, to make good citizens, to make each person his or her personal best (Gatto)”. He then says that the schools system is based on the Prussian. I did some research and it seems like doesn’t push students to their full potential. Gatto then brings up Inglis’s six functions of school which are: “adjustive or adaptive function- schools are to establish fixed habits of reaction to authority, integrating function- make kids more alike, diagnostic and directive function- to determine students social role, differentiating function- train students how to do their social role, selective function- tag the unfit and favor the more successful ones, propaedeutic function- teach some kids how to keep this cycle going (Gatto)”. Gatto wrote a strong essay.

It would be hard to try and argue with him because it seems like he has a lot of examples and evidence in his article. In school right now I would also agree that some of the teachers don’t know that much about their own subjects that they teach. When he says that the solution is to let children manage themselves, I knew he was right because that helps children become who they are and lets them become more responsible and mature (Gatto). All in all Gatto wrote a strong article that is hard to argue with.


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