In economy. In the 19th century ago, American

In the article “America in the First World War”, the author of the US explains that the fact of being isolated for the American which attempted to stay safe by the mighty oceans on its border when George Washington was in charge of the president of the US. When Europe started the first war, they spread over some countries of Europe as many places in the US claimed exceptionalism.

According to the article, the author restates that in the history of the war, as two countries including Britain and France fought against Germany, American leaders had the decision for the trade which is not allowed in the neutral side of the nation. The exchange was in the national interest to keep managing all sides. Furthermore, the majority of the dealers and makers in the US were concerned on the grounds that the war would be reduced gradually the American economy. In the 19th century ago, American entered the Great War, and then both Russians and Germans decided to stop the war because of the worst global economy. But the American economy declared that the war was won.

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Moreover, the government of US provided a massive propaganda campaign to increase armies and financial to protect secure all over the US. Finally, the war was completed in the end but the problem of the economy caused enormously by the war.


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