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In the book, Wonder, a character named Jack in the quote shows that he has internal conflict. The quote writes “I just want to know why. “said Mr. Tushman, raising his shoulders. “It’ll just make everything worse.” I sighed. “Just tell me, Jack.” I shrugged but I didn’t say anything. I just couldn’t. If I told him that Julian had called August a freak, then he’d go talk to Julian about it, then Julian would tell him how I had bad mouthed August too, and everybody would find out. This quote describes that Jack has internal conflict, I know this because when Mr.Tushman was wanting to know why did Jack punch Julian in the face. Jack refused to to tell Mr.Tushman why. He knew that if he told Mr.Tushman that he had punched Julian for him calling August a freak. Then Mr.Tushman would go talk to Julian about it. Then Julian would tell him how Jack had said something mean about August and everybody out about it. Jack was My prediction with this quote is that if Jack told Mr.Tushman why he punched Julian in the face, then Jack should tell Mr.Tushman that he had said something to August and that he is really sorry so that when Julian tells Mr.Tushman that Jack had said something mean to August, then Mr.Tushman would had no reason to talk with Jack again. And what would the whole school do if they knew that Jack had bad mouthed August, they wouldn’t do anything because they don’t care about August, and the people who likes August would go ask Jack why and Jack would say that he was dumm to say that.


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