In specific image for a particular situation based

In the current era of digital communication, the use of digital images has increased for expressing, sharing and interpreting information.

While working with digital images, quite often it is necessary to search for a specific image for a particular situation based on the visual contents of the image. This task looks easy if you are dealing with tens of images but it gets more difficult when the number of images goes from tens to hundreds and thousands, and the same content-based searching task becomes extremely complex when the number of images is in the millions. To deal with the situation, some intelligent way of content-based searching is required to fulfill the searching request with right visual contents in a reasonable amount of time. There are some really smart techniques proposed by researchers for efficient and robust content-based image retrieval.

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In this research, the aim is to highlight the efforts of researchers who conducted some brilliant work and to provide a proof of concept for intelligent content-based image retrieval techniques.


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