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In The Drawer Boy by Micheal Healey there is universal themes being expressed. As they play takes place in Ontario, who live and work there, and another person who plans on writing a play based on farming. Some of the universal themes are the timeless and universal dilemma of avoiding and confronting truth, friendships, and the obstacle of hardships.

For many people it is hard to understand the truth and what it means. The truth brings an overall dilemma to people, for Miles it is simple. As an actor, truth informs the reality of his performance and inspires awareness in his audience. For the brothers Angus and Morgan it is much more complicated. The truth of their common memory has powerful effects on the deeper reality of their relationship. When Miles portrays Morgan so accurately in the play’s rehearsals it begins to frighten Morgan. As Miles tells the story exactly as heard from Morgan telling Angus. Morgan states, “You cant use that. Its private between Angus and me and I don’t want people to hear it.”(31) As he becomes frightened by the realization of the lie he has created. When something clicks within Angus after watching Miles rehearsal, the truth comes up and it becomes hard to confront what is actually real. The truth is always harder to hear, as it’s not always what people want to or expect to hear.

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As people all over the world experiences friendship between one another, it shows an over all theme in The Drawer Boy. In the play Morgan tells Angus stories about about their friendship, about the love of their lives, and the war. As Morgan always told the same stories, Angus always believed this to be true, because Morgan was his friend and he thought he could trust him. When Miles try to incorporate the store in to his play, something clicks within Angus and Morgan was torn apart, because Morgan knew that what he had been telling Angus was a story that he had made up to keep him happy and calm. Morgan believed he was being a good friend, protecting Angus from the pain of his past, as he knew that the truth would hurt him. Friends try to be truthful, but when a lie is easier to hear, they tell beautiful lies to crypt the lies.

It is a reality that people go through hardships, that the world puts up obstacles for people to over come things in their lives. When Miles arrives at the farm and begins to work to help do research for his play, he learns that hard work doesn’t always equal out to a reward. As Miles realizes the difficulties of farming and that the government takes most of what the farms should be making, some face the reality of months were they are unable to afford repairs or general needs for the farm. As Angus was so forgetful because of his accident, it was Morgans hardship to look over him. Always reminding him to do things, like to check the bread doesn’t burn. Angus was Morgans best friend so he didn’t mind looking out for him, but it begins to take a toll on Morgan when the truth comes up. The hardships that the characters face sends a message to the viewers that there are always going to be obstacles that people have to over come to reach their goal.

In conclusion, the play has many universal themes that can be expressed, but each theme has show universal connections to the people that read or watch the play. As people experience friendships, hardships and the reality of the truth differently, it may seem difficult to make connections. Deeper into the play it becomes easier to see similarities that people face. The Drawer Boy brings you close to the characters, making them feel alive. The problems that the characters face become problems that everyone has faced at one point or another. As obstacles have been torn down and solved, the goals have been reached and friendships have been solidified, you can really see the universal connection of the play.


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