In between a user and a computer.

In the early days of computing, computers were only found in industry and research and could be used by highly trained specialists but today computers are everywhere and have become indispensable part of our modern living.

Utilizing computers had always begged the question of interfacing and the methods by which human has been interacting with computers have travelled a long way. The journey still continues and new designs of technologies and systems appear more and more every day and the research in this area has been growing very fast since the last few decades.Human Computer InteractionThe concept of Human-Computer Interaction was automatically represented with the emergence of computer/machine. The term human-computer interaction has been in widespread use since the early 1980s when an increasing number of researchers concentrated on studying interaction between people and computers. Here the term human refers to the user, a user can be an individual user, a group of users or a sequence of users working in an organization trying to accomplish some task. Here computer is any technology ranging from the general desktop computer to a large-scale computer system, a process control system or an embedded system.

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The term interaction refers to the direct or indirect communication between a user and a computer. Direct interaction involves a dialog with feedback and control throughput performance of the task. Indirect interaction may involve batch processing or intelligent sensors controlling the environment. Human computer interaction is also referred to as Man Machine Interaction/Interfacing and can be defined as “the study of interaction between people and computers”.


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