In it discusses the research study developed by

In the essay “Opinions and Social Pressure,” it discusses the research study developed by social psychologist Solomon Asch in his efforts to figure out how individuals are impacted by the influences of the majority. From his research he gathered, that a large amount of people fell under group pressure, in addition to that he discovered that others at times may also choose to go against the decision of the majority. Solomon Asch specifically wanted to discover how individuals were effected by group pressure.

Their responses were read aloud one person at a time based on the seating order. Each individual were then told to answer one at a time prior to the start of the experiment, excluding one person out of the group. That specific person was chosen as the highlight of the study, and would be seated at the end of the seating arrangement.

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The answers he concluded from the study gave showed the great impact that social pressure has on people’s decisions


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