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In the event that we discuss innovation it appears that there is no conclusion to it in light of the fact that there is continually something new and more complex works made by researchers and technocrats, whose names are one of the benefits of individuals from different animals of God.

Helicopters are one kind of plane, which lifts and is driven by the aftereffect of revolution of a few substantial level rotor (propellers). Helicopters are delegated Rotary Wing (Rotary Wing) to recognize them from other standard settled wing (Fixed Wing). In this question ,the sorts of air ship that I pick is CH-53 Sea Stallion .The kinds of this model is transport helicopter .This is one of the vehicle transport helicopter .

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A transport helicopter are those that assistance transporting troops or towed big guns, light vehicles, and so on. These choppers are likewise alluded to as freight or utility helicopters. They are utilized to transport work force.Its also used for freight in places where plane arrivals and departures are not accessible. As landing is troublesome in most territory, these choppers have specific gadgets like rope lines, save lifts, and so forth that assistance drop or get work force when the air ship is drifting overhead.


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