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In the ever fast-evolving world of Engineering and Technology, we see spates of new inventions, concepts, and applications every other day, increasing adeptness and effectiveness in the industry. With the rapid technological changes, it has become a requisite to explore more and more into the multiple verticals and increase one’s technical expertise to contribute towards the career growth.

My exposure to this ever-evolving nature of technologies over years has always fascinated me. Channeling this continued enthrallment, in pursuit of challenges that bring value to both the ‘enterprise at large’ and my personal career goal of riding these waves of empowering technologies brings me to apply for a program that would help me achieve what I have set out for.While reasoning my intentions to pursue Maters in Computer Science at your University, I would like to highlight the fact that I was always obsessed with Computers right from my childhood and the thought of becoming a Software Engineer was deep-rooted in my mind at an early age. After completing my schooling, Pre-University with Mathematics and Physics as majors, I stepped into the University of Madras, Chennai through entrance examination. During my under-graduation years in Mechanical Engineering, I had developed good communication skills and comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Mechanical Engineering. But my obsession with Computers made me enroll into NIIT, where I had my first real introduction to computer Operating Systems ; Networks and my foray into the Networking World began.

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Here I was exposed to MS-DOS, Windows Operating systems, UNIX Operating Systems, and a few programming languages.After my under graduation, further studies were always preeminent for me, but it was my belief that before that I must gather some valuable skills to gain a larger outlook of the industry. In keeping with this idea, I had an opportunity to do my internship for about 18 months as a System Administrator. It has turned out to be a really enriching experience for me on a host of levels. I was amazed at the vast scope of research in the areas of Networking, Cyber Security. I felt it was the right time to pursue my higher education.

The United States was my first choice, but due to unfavorable conditions prevailing at that time I choose the United Kingdom to pursue my higher education. Here in the United Kingdom I enrolled in couple Advanced Diploma courses in Information Technology and completed my Cisco Certification (CCNA, CCNP). After completion of the Advanced Diploma and Certifications, I successfully applied for Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP) visa and was able to work for a couple of years hardening my skills further in the areas of Networks and Security, before returning to India to work for various mid-level companies.During my work tenure of 8+Years at various organizations in UK and India, I experienced various vistas of technologies which helped me in developing a thorough insight to expertise new domain and new technology, getting adapted to new concepts and has developed a sense of professionalism in me nurturing my abilities, problem-solving skills, team spirit and the ability to interact and work with both colleagues and management in a proactive manner.

All in all, my work experience has been a good learning curve helping me to understand where I stand today and what work areas need to be focused in order to reach my career goals.Rapidly advancing technology does necessitate specialization of a particular area of interest. At the same time restricting to one area of study with tremendous competition around is not very helpful. The versatility of modules in this Program amazes me and promotes my eagerness in joining this program. This program provides the kind of exposure needed to broaden my thinking and undo the limited preconceptions that might be still prevailing in me.

I believe that this program along with my hard work, perseverance, and dedication will help me overcome all hurdles in my future endeavors. Hence, I feel that graduate study in the Department of Computer Science with Emphasis on Network and IT Security will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my career objectives.


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