In 1301, we have discussed the importance of

In the first few weeks in ENGL 1301, we have discussed the importance of mastering rhetorical skills. A discourse community is a group of individuals who share a common interest, goal, and hobby who use communication to achieve the certain goals that they have set upon each other. There are many discourse communities all over the world, and many of us are in one or more discourse communities and might not even know it. In this paper I will show how I entered in a discourse community of tennis in my high school. I got into this community by accruing knowledge, establishing my credibility, and learning the game which I love.

I. in other words I will be using ethos, pathos, and logos appeal. I started to play in my school team at the age of eleven and then at the age of fourteen, I got selected into my city’s tennis community.

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When I was the part of my school’s tennis team which is known as “ARAVALIS”, it may sound like regular sports team, but for me it was like a family which was always together in all thick and thins. From losing games and then sometimes being undefeated in tournaments, our team was always together. I knew as a player I have to perform well on all my matches but as a part of community I should also have good communicating skills with all the members of my community.In other words I used logos, ethos, and pathos appeals to convince my coaches and other community members.When I was a beginner the professional members of my team used to ask me to do all the the dirty work like asking me to pick up the balls when they were training. I thought this was like a test which will show my commitment to the game and the community.

Communication is the most important thing of a community, my team used to communicate on daily basis by practicing together.


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