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In the given case, I have noticed the manager in the Newbuild are responding properly to the employee’s skill, abilities and attitudes where as manager in the Oldmaint is not able. The manger in the Newbuild hires skilled employees who are easy to train and good at their work which shows the long-term vision as a leader.

The contract manager is very serious about the safety issues at work, proactive and provide proper induction to the employee. He motivates and influences employee by continuously in touch with the employees, supervisors. The supervisor follows the manger and always focus on safety first. Here the leader is dynamic and change the process for the safety of the employee. In the contrary, manger in the Oldmaint worked with the low skilled and old employees who are difficult to train and motivate. The manager should be more focused in their training and to educate them regarding safety at work. The manger is aware but unable to influence, motivate and gain trust of the people.Leaders set visions, share goals, seek commitment motivate people, inspire them and work together to achieve the goal whereas Management deals with following the predefined path, organizing, staffing, planning, controlling and problem solving (Northhouse, 2010).

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In this case Management (Carillion Inc) has set all the policies regarding safety at work and gives high priority for the safety of the people. But the leaders (contract manager) in Newbuild company able to achieve it where as in Oldmaint not.The management has already set the policies regarding the safety at work and assigned manager to implement it. So, it is the job of contract mangers to find out the way to implement it. One wrong concept in people is that the leader is the one who are in the top level in the organization and the people below them are management level. The leader can be at any level where the people follows them, gives their maximum output to achieve the objective (Kotter, 2013).Leadership is ongoing and learning process.

The risk on safety of the workers on Newbuild is less because leader here is active and able to build safety culture in the workplace. However, risk associate with the safety is higher in case of Oldmaint because leader is more concern about the work rather than safety of workers. Similar issues can occur in any organization because people cannot be controlled by formulating policies with in the organization. There should be a leader who can achieve it by his influence.

In bible John 13, God mentioned about the servant leadership. The good leader should take care of the persons who works for them.


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