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In the “In praise of the “F” Word”, Sherry talks about the “F” word, this F refers to Failure. Sherry talks about the kids today are wasting a lot of their time during school and graduate with meaningless diplomas at the end. She also concerns about the most students are getting cheated out of a good educational system. Sherry states, as she teaches, she hears about a lot of trouble students wish someone at school would have had made them stop doing drugs and parties and made them study; instead of, just passed them along even they did not read and could not write for being a good student.

In this story, it describes the system flaws Sherry encountered in school. This situation happens in high school graduates are founded to be semiliterate when they decide to work as an employee into the real world. In this case, employers are also being cheated because they expect graduates to have the basic skills that they have learned at school. Sherry uses an example of her son in order to help other students know the importance of learning and to do better in class. Sherry agreed that the teacher academically disciplined her son and provided the student with options. She stated that those students who just want to easily get a diploma and deceive themselves are not responsible for their own future. Sherry believes that the best way for students to work hard for better education is to let students choose to fail or pass so that they will willing to devote more effort to study. The biggest power Sherry argued about was her night-time student experience and listening to the unpleasant experiences those who graduates had passed in high school without working hard on school work.

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This helps us quite support and understand Shirley’s point of view. I believe that some of them are concerned about their personal previous educational experience. And I also personally heard people question whether even if they have never completed a task, but if only maintain a good relationship with the teacher, they can still pass a course or get a high school diploma. I agree with Sherry’s point of view that students need the motivation to become good learners. If a student has never tried the taste of failure, he will never know the true value of victory. Life is every time you make mistakes and then you learn from it. Without the teacher’s strict and fair teaching, students will never understand its true meaning and apply it to real life. Learning skills in school is a good foundation for their future job.

If the teachers use the word “F”, students will realize the importance of learning skills and will take courses more seriously and realize that their future is at stake. Also know that they need to be reliable for themselves and also be responsible for their future employers. Putting fear into the student’s heads about failing classes does not always have a positive effect on students, but it is still a certain motivation. An easy process and a semi-illiterate diploma will only take you farther and farther from the goal that you want to accomplish.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch” before you want to get it to your goal, instead of thinking to shortcut the process, you must make a corresponding effort. People usually grow up in failure and they become more motivated to accomplish their goals after failure. As what Sherry states in her article that some people in order to complete their goals, they do it for a specific reason.


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