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In The King’s Speech Movie, King George VI has a problem with pronunciation of words and finds it difficult to talk to many people and he also lacked confidence in himself just as he faced many people he can speak straight away. so her situation is that her husband Queen Elizabeth is hiring Speech therapy for the king george and on the day they went to the house of speech therapy Lionel Logue and they started george and Lionel their talk before they start, as they talk about the lionel he tells the king not to smoke because it is harder for him to breathe or find it difficult to speak the word, that Lionel said it was answered that the king had smoked was more relaxing, the moment the lionel stood up and grabbed the headphone with the king’s music and Lionel said it was better to hear the music read because it was more relaxed, the king george took it as well as the couple’s books She read it minutes until she immediately came out. the next day that king george passed away he went to his father, King George V to speak a live radio on his father after he was told that he should learn to speak the words especially and he the next would be the king of their country. day long married couple Queen Elizabeth and King George went to the celebration of the king george’s sister when they arrived at the same time the king george approached his brother King George VIII talking to them two but this king george VIII insulted his brother George VI because of his difficulty in pronouncing words as his brother downed. One day later King George visited Lionel’s house to continue his speech therapy because he wanted to learn because he wanted to prove his brother and other people he could learn but the day passed the speech he is in a crowd of people around him but he reads that it is immediately


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