In worked in groups to create a one

In the ‘Making News Today’ project, students worked in groups to create a one minute, 20-second video news story about an important event or issue in their school or school community. The student groups identified, researched and scripted their story. They filmed the story using video cameras and edited the footage using video editing software.

They shared their stories on the project website. The class teacher guided the news process by providing feedback on the idea, and assessing and approving the script and final product. The research associated with this project showed that students were engaged in their learning and were motivated by the opportunity to be self-directed. Students who did not have experience with video cameras or video-editing software learned the necessary skills by trial-and-error and/or peer teaching. The students were able to analyse their final news stories and identify strengths in how they represented their story as well as how they could improve all students wanted the chance to tell their story again or tell another story. What is clear from this project is that the teacher has an important role to play in teaching students how to identify and evaluate the information that they use to develop their story

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