In are several key aspects that need

In the Newskool Groove organization (case study)CultureLooking at Newskool from a holistic point of view where their diverse culture is one of Decentralization, certain functions that an employee may perform may be in conflict with their culture. There are several key aspects that need to be discuss when working with different cultures across international boundaries.01.communication barriersWhen there are diverse cultures within the organisation it results in negative outcomes. There are issues with interpretation of semantic, word connotations and tone differences.

Communication barriers may also occur among a diverse work group where there is a lack of understanding and interpretation of cultural differences.02.decission makingSome cultures have different decision-making styles which are dependent on their values and beliefs; this can lead to misunderstanding, slow decision making, failure to make a decision or failure to implement a decision made. Some cultures for example characterized by two main cultures Eastern and Western; Western cultures which is associated with quick impulsive, decisions and actions while the Eastern is slower, more comprehensive and contemplative03.ethical choices and conflict resolutionConsiderations are made to cultural difference when dealing with ethics and conflict resolution, because it contributes to the way a person thinks or acts.

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