In everything they’ve had. Before Eliezer started to

In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, Dehumanization began when The Jews arrived at the ghetto before the concentration camp. Nazis began dehumanizing The Jews because the fact that they didn’t help win WW1. The Jews were seen as worthless. The dehumanization of The Jews consisted of loss of identity, torture, humiliation/attitudes One way The Jews were dehumanized is by the loss of identity.

Eliezer was taken away many attributes about himself, including his name. Coming into Auschwitz concentration camp the Kapo assigned him a number, “I became A-7713. After that I had no other name” (42). Eliezer was only referred to his number. This shows dehumanization because he is referred to a number then who he actually is himself . Along with losing their identities The Nazis were indicating that The Jews were animals and could not be referred as they were humans. After loosing his name, Eliezer being a Jew got dehumanized in the ghetto they stripped all their valuables away or saw death coming their way because they didn’t give their valuables up, thankfully Eliezer’s father buried them underground.

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While Eliezer had a gold tooth in his mouth that had to be removed all valuables had been taken, “The dentist from Warsaw pulled my crown with the help of a rusty spoon” (56), The Nazis foresaw the Jews as they were nothing and deprived them of everything they’ve had. Before Eliezer started to lose his identity in God, before going to the ghetto Eliezer wanted to learn about the religion Kabbalah and his father insisting that he is too young to learn about the religion . While Eliezer lost his faith in god because God didn’t save The Jews from dying, “Why would I bless him? Because he caused thousands of children to burn in His mass graves?” (67) after realizing that Eliezer’s whole mindset before he arrived at the concentration camp was learning about God, Eliezer loses his faith of God which is part of his identity. Secondly dehumanization began to process by the way Jews got tortured. The Jews got tortured in many ways that included starvation, burning people alive, and beating up the Jews. The Jews were treated as they were animals because when things went wrong and didn’t do things proper they’d get beat or instantly shot. When Eliezer saw the Idek and a polish girl having intercourse, her got caught for seeing them and eliezer ended up paying the consequence of getting whipped 25 times but could of got 5 times that. “I no longer felt anything except the lashes of the whip… Only the first really hurt (57) explains how the Jews were abused on a basis.

Starvation was something Eliezer’s father had experienced when he had dysentery. “They didn’t give us anything…

They said that we were sick, that we would die soon, and that it would be a waste of food ” (107) Eliezer’s father was very sick and when the sick couldn’t work they’d stay in their beds and while Eliezer’s father couldn’t do anything, Eliezer’s father’s food privileges had got taken away because it would be a waste. While Eliezer had been sneaking his dad some food of his own, it had been making Eliezer’s father dysentery worse. Starvation is a part of dehumanization because the jews were not aloud to access the amount of water and food that they should be having, the had to little to no food to keep them replenish them. While the people were coming to Auschwitz, the Jews were to old or too young were persecuted. Being on the train a son killed his father over a piece of bread because how hungry the passengers were Besides the fact that Eliezer’s father was too old and Eliezer was nearly too young, a prisoner had warned them to fake their ages to stay out of the way of crematorium . Eliezer and his father had to lie about their age to stay alive or death was a option.

“Poor devils, you are heading for the crematorium” (32) was something a prisoner had been taunting to other Jews who had not passed The First Selection. The germans had no sympathy when ss officers would kill anyone in the burning pit any age, no respect was given. The ss officers did anything to torture them. The torture had been to many extents that over 6 million jews had died in the concentration camps by starvation, burning them, whipping, shoot them, gas them.

Being in the Ghetto humiliation started to happen, they are marked as a Jew with a David Star, The David Star was used to humiliate The Jews and mark them different from everybody else. The Jews were placed in ghettos with barbwire around, leading from escapes. With humiliation comes entertainment, for a German worker who threw bread to the Jews that were starving on their way on a train to a new camp, A German worker was astonished and thought it was entertainment, The German Officers thought to continue throwing bread and see all these individuals fighting over a singular pieces bread. ” The worker watched the spectacle with great interest'(100). After the humiliation happened the attitude for each one another Jew, a son killing a father over a tiny piece of bread is how much The Jews didn’t care for each other their attitudes were beginning to change “Listen to me, kid. Don’t forget your in a concentration camp.

In this place, it’s every man for himself.”(110) Eliezer was suddenly forgetting about his father when he had dysentery, trying to help the meets of his fathers needs but at the same time it’s himself who he was living for. The Jews attitudes on each other were changing and humiliation was entertaining for The German Officers. In the novel Night, with The Jews being worthless and being deprived of everything such as, food, and identity. The Jews attitudes have been deceiving and German officers had no respect for The Jews.

The Jews had been humiliated, used as source of entertainment, and tortured from 1941-1945.


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