In Free Dictionary”, 2017), is a formal written

In total, America has 27 Amendments all together but which one is the most important you may ask, well that’s was this is about. I believe that the 1st Amendment is the most important out of them all .

The 1st Amendment  is freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition.   Freedom of religion and speech are  one of the best things a country can have and also something everyone believes they should  have. Everyone  should be able to say or do anything they want without fear. Also  freedom of press is the right to publish newspapers, magazines, and other printed matter without governmental restriction and subject only to the laws of libel, obscenity, sedition, etc.  ( www.

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order now . Freedom  of Assembly is  the right to hold public meetings and form associations without interference by the government. Freedom of peaceful assembly is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.Last but not least is  Freedom of Petition According to (“The Free Dictionary”,  2017),  is a formal written request to a court for an order of the court. It is distinguished from a complaint in a lawsuit which asks for damages and/or performance by the opposing party. Petitions include demands for writs, orders to show cause, modifications of prior orders, continuances, dismissal of a case, reduction of bail in criminal cases, a decree of distribution of an estate, appointment of a guardian, and a host of other matters arising in legal actions. The 1st Amendment allows people basic freedoms rights  that allows  them to live their lives with freedom  without being  governed by the law.

Most countries people can’t say nor  publish anything at all without  negative outcome  against the government or their leaders. The 1st amendment allows the press  the freedom to report anything about the government without being punished for it. The amendment also gives people the freedom to practice their own religions without being discriminated against for it. The first amendment also gives people the right to peacefully assemble and petition. Many people in our society have tried to find many  ways to eliminate or to remove those  types of behavior, but have met with very limited, if anything , success. Because of the multiple  nature of racism and racist actions ,  come together with the fact the 1st amendment prohibits the government from limiting the public’s’ right to free expression and speech, the Federal government has been ineffective in eliminating racist actions that pervade our society. State governments and institutions have attempted to set up their own laws condemning such actions, but have been wholly unsuccessful. Some of those waging a war on racism have established anti-discrimination policies, and have had these policies challenged as a result.

The freedom of the press allows parties who are not currently in power and whose views oppose those of the current in-power party the ability to freely express their view and solicit votes in upcoming elections. Without the freedom of the press, the ability to disseminate information would be at the will of whoever was in power by accident of history. In a broader sense, freedom of the press has been shown to be highly correlated with high literacy, especially high political literacy.

When people read more and understand their political situation better, they can better orient their opinions and evaluated whether or not their particular politicians are supporting their beliefs. Because it’s the key to security and also public information.


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