In Quality Assurance Program (OQAP) • Probabilistic

In the process of review and assessment of the nuclear facility or activity, the following submissions are required by PNRA for granting construction and operating licences:• Site Evaluation Report (SER)• Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR)• Overall Quality Assurance Program (OQAP)• Probabilistic Safety Analysis Report (PSA)• Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR)Probabilistic Safety Analysis Level One Plus Report (PSA Level 1 plus) for nuclear reactors only• Commissioning Reports up to introduction of nuclear materials• Technical Specifications/ Operating Policies and Principles• Radiation Protection Program• Emergency Preparedness Plans• Inspection Program• Fire Protection ProgramEnvironmental Monitoring Program duly approved by appropriate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)• Radioactive Waste Management Program• Pre-service Inspection (PSI) and In-service Inspection (ISI) Program• Physical Protection Programme(Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority.,2012)3.2.

2 REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT FOR RESEARCH REACTORSThe review and assessment process for Research Reactors is essentially the same as that for of Nuclear Power Plants, including planning, identification of codes standards and acceptance criteria, and conduct of regulatory reviews.3.2.3 REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITIESPNRA has the experience of review and assessment of licensee’s submissions related to predisposal management of radioactive waste. Because a disposal facility has not been constructed in Pakistan, PNRA has no experience in the area of review and assessment of a national disposal facility.

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