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In the United States, employers are not required to give paternity leave to fathers of newborn or adopted children. Bringing a new baby into this world can be a life changing experience. While it is important that mothers receive maternity leave, whether paid or unpaid, it is also very important for fathers to have the opportunity to receive paid paternity leave, without the fear of being fired, so they can participate in early child bonding time with their children. In many household the father is the financial supporter, therefore they should be compensated for time off to be with their family during this valuable time in their lives. Unfortunately, most work places do not see it from that perspective. In the world there are 196 countries. Of those 196 countries, the United States, along with a handful of other countries, has no federally mandated policy for new parents to receive paid time off.

(Weller) If a new father wants to spend time with his spouse or significant other after the birth or adoption of a child, they must rely on their paid sick time or earned vacation time. They must piecemeal together time to spend with their new family. This is not acceptable.

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