In He stated that if you were born

In the video with the man he talks about how anyone who was born after 1984 is considered millennial.

He stated that if you were born after that time you are most likely lazy and don’t like to do things as well. Also he stated that we are addicted to phone and we can stay off the phone even if it’s just checking the screen .He said that in this generation most parents are not really good parents and make their children feel as if they can get anything they want or in the world. The man also talks about how children how lazy enough to not even stay after school and do activities or anything pertaining to school, because we would rather go home and lay in the bed and be on the phone all day. In the second video with the African American girl she talks about how she went on a break from the internet and how it changed her life. She says that she didn’t realize how much social media took over her life. She then started to talks about how most teenagers tries to hide behind filters, because they think they are not as good looking as others.

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She also talks about how social media is just a way for everyone to put all there business and life on there for others to see.


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