In but through his years of research,

In the year 1954, the nation was shocked to learn about the order to desegregate schools. During a time where racial tensions were running high as the country moved for advancement, it seemed as though the efforts were paying off, the country was starting to head into a direction of unity and love for diversity. Kozol’s essay informs us that it has all been a lie. He claims that we have been entranced with an illusion of diversity, but through his years of research, has found that schools across the nation are the same as they were over 50 years ago (Kozol, 2005). Meaning that students of color were constantly separate from those of lighter complexion and Caucasian decent. The word diversity was being used to describe schools in which African American and Hispanic students held the majority (Kozol, 2005). This segregation in schools has affected the students’ education financially thus robbing them of a strong foundation of an education with academic substance as well as a school that they could find comfort in. In multiple schools throughout the nation that he used to back his research*Add in some from that other research paper to support his main claim today.

It’ll prove that this is still an issue and his information is relevant. By the start of the school year in 2002, 79%-96% of the students enrolled into these major city public schools were primarily black or Hispanic (Kozol, 2005). Numbers ranged from cities all over the country from places like Los Angeles to Washington DC, proving a majority were people of color with some cases, Kozol (2005) noted, “. . .

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less than 5 percent were white”.


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