In to demonstrate that human instinct is

In this article, it mainly talks about how languages differ from one another. It also shows that there is no direct translation over some words as in the article some misunderstandings are created as the author unfolds the story of Hamlet. There are two things I like about the article and I dislike about the article.

The article “Shakespeare in the Bush”, by Laura Bohannan, is about her outing to Tiv clan in Nigeria, West Africa who stories Hamlet to Nigerians living the African shrub. While she is there, she plans to demonstrate that human instinct is widespread and the same all over and that the Tiv will comprehend and translate the story of Hamlet similarly that the general population in her way of life have. All through this story Bohannan could delineates how writing is available to many interpretations.

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Bohannan clarifies that in our way of life the play of Hamlet is notable, and acknowledged without numerous troubles. In any case, in the Tiv culture there are a few mistakes in the plot that the boss brings up. At the point when Bohannan was requested to recount out a story while going by Tiv, she discovers her opportunity to tell about Hamlet which she think would be comprehended by everybody, notwithstanding, Once the story began, plainly the Tiv had a totally unique state of mind, and deciphering story.In this article, what I like the most is the life style of the African tribes, how they live as a family and how they spend their time together.

In this article when evening stroke, the tribes gathered in small groups where they drank beers and they shared their stories. So I think this is one example to the readers that how time can be spent with our family not exactly doing the same way as the tribesmen but getting ideas and knowledge from the tribes. I felt that it is important for all the people to know how to spend their time, they can divide time in doing certain works so as to have a scheduled timing like the tribes. Like in the article women brewed beer from maize and millet and all men, women and children sat on their hillocks and drank it. They began to drink at dawn, and by midmorning the whole homestead began singing, dancing and drumming. Sometimes when rain showered, people had to sit inside their huts where they drank and sang or told stories.The thing that I dislike about the article is the way the author tells the story of Hamlet. It might be easy to understand by the tribesmen in the article but, it is difficult for the readers to understand the story.

The author, Laura, she doesn’t seem to give the readers detailed information about the story. It makes the readers difficult to understand her story as she explains as if all the readers might have detailed information about Hamlet. It might have been easy if the author gave the readers more information about the main character in her story ‘Hamlet’ which will not confuse us the readers instead it’ll help us in understanding clearly. As readers can see that there is no proper introduction of Hamlet, only some elements were given such as, about his dead father, his uncle and his mother but, there was no detail information about himself.To conclude, the difference in culture had a large impact on the interpretation of Hamlet.

Though the Tiv elder was able to loosely predict the outcome of the story, Bohannan failed to prove that the plot and motives of Shakespeare’s great tragedies were universal. The Tiv had completely different rationalizations for the plot progression and the character motives. The author was not careful enough about what might be the impact the Tivs different customs and traditions on their analysis of Hamlet


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