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In this assignment I will be explaining the different types of jobs within a Uniformed Service.A public service is a service that has funding from the government or donations to help the government deliver its actions effectively. There are two types of public services they are statutory and non-statutory service. The difference between a statutory and non-statutory service is that a statutory services is paid by tax payers, funded by the government and is set up by the law. They are usually uniformed and is set up by the law. They are usually uniformed and highly professional an example would be emergency services and the armed forces.

A non-statutory service is a service that doesn’t receive a lot of government funding so they are paid by members or the public as they are registered as charities, they are set up by individuals and not parliament and unlike statutory services they have smaller employers and are run by volunteers an example is the RNLI (royal National Lifeboat Institution) and St Johns Ambulance. Both public services are needed because statutory services help give the public a sense of national security and to keep order and non-statutory services are needed to ensure safety to victims of incidents and to help the statutory services concentrate on what they need to do to resolve the issue.In every Uniformed Service there are multiple career paths and they can vary from a few to a load, some are harder to get into than other but all are as important.As a police officer some roles you can apply for are the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), SOCA, Drugs Squad, Economic Crime Unit, Specialist Operations, Firearms Branch, Traffic Department, Royal and Diplomatic Branch, Dog Handlers, Mounted Police, River Police and Underwater Search Unit.With each of the roles a different set of skills may be required and they all do different things.CID – They deal with investigations for serious crimes such as robberies, sexual offences and murders, a CID officer will sometimes assist in helping Uniformed Officer with their smaller crimes these include theft. The CID have the same rank structure as the uniformed branch.

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SOCA – Is Short for Serious Organised Crime Agency, it was created in April 2006 and is formed of the amalgamation of the National Crime Squad, National Criminal Intelligence Service, HM Revenue and Customs and UK Immigration. Their stated aim is to prevent and detect organised crime.Drugs Squad – While SOCA focuses more on the larger drug trafficking, The Drug Squad focuses local areas.Economic Crime Unit – Was established by the Metropolitan Police in 1946, this unit will operate within the Serious Fraud Office.

Special Operations – These are branches that cover a wide range of functions, including; Anti-terrorism, Covert operations and intelligence, Diplomatic protection, Firearms, National Identification, Photographic and graphics and Royal protection.Firearms branch – Every force has officers who are trained and equipped to partake in operations that require firearms, thorough training is required before becoming a firearms officer.Traffic Department – A traffic officer is concerned with all aspects of road safety.

The traffic officers work is a lot more complex: Dealing with motorway pile-ups and road accidents, checking that vehicles on the road conform to the legal safety requirements, dealing with motoring offences, such as speeding, breath testing procedures and dealing with drink driving offences, managing traffic when the road is blocked by an accident, court proceedings to support a prosecution.Royal and diplomatic branch – Police in this branch a responsible for the protection of the royal family and their residence, embassies and diplomats. They are highly trained for firearm use and self-defence.Dog handlers – Dog handling teams have dogs to help them with smell and listening out for things.

Dogs can also be used HM Revenue and Customs, The Armed Forces, Fire and Rescue service and The Prison Service. The role of a police dog handler is to assist the police in a wide range if specialist roles including:? Search for explosives, weapons and narcotics ? Aid in the search for missing or injured people ? Track and detain offenders who are on the run ? Locating dead bodies and blood, either buried or on the surface ? Airport and port controlMounted police – They are officers on horse they are mainly used for:? Crowd control during events ? Imposing a police presence in serious disturbances such as riots The entry requirements for the police, Aren’t as extreme as the army. For a police constable the requirements is, you need to be over 18 and can’t be older than 55, a British, common wealth or Irish citizen of good character.Entry requirements for the British army, first you’d have to fill a University’s Officers Training Corps (UOTC) selection event after you will need: ? Be a full time student In your UOTC’s catchment area ? Satisfy their medical and nationality requirements? Be selected on your UOTC’s selection board in September/October


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