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In this chapter, there will be a review regarding planning machine, its main components and their role and a small review regarding sanding.A planer is a wood functioning tool, which is implied for producing boards of equal thickness, which result in a completely flat on both sides.The wood planer process:1. To specify the depth cut either by regulating the cutter drum or by arranging the platform.2.

Turn on the machine. 3. Input the board into the machine 4. The board is brought directly by the in-feed roller 5.

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The board is placed below the rotating blades of the cutter drum.6. The out feed roller moves consistently the finished section of the board out of the machine and therefor a smooth and consistent reduction in thickness is accomplished across the board in no time.Main parts and roles of a planer: • Infeed table: is where we input the wood workpiece for starting with the process.• Outfeed table: When the workpiece has passed through the infeed table, it goes later on the outfeed table providing us with accomplished results.• Guide is the part where on the top of it is mounted the sliding which function is to hold the job.• Base: is the part, which acts as a groundwork of the machine.

• Column and housing: are the parts where the knife and the sander tool can be securely clamped providing the tool with a rigid fixing.• Cutter is the tool used to take off material wood • Motor the motor drive is usually at one side of the planer near the center and drive mechanism is located under the table.The sanding process is an added tool the machine, which is a powerful tool, used for smoothing surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. It is a very important feature in wood production for finishing surfaces and providing it with a smooth finish.


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