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In this essay “Cell Yell: Thanks for (not) sharing” by Eric A. Taub is about cell phones and how they are common in out lives. It talks about reasons why cell phones and users of the phones often intrude on the people around them. Many believe cell phones are a great way to communicate. This essay also talks about the designs of the phones and how they cause people to yell believing they can’t be heard.
While reading this essay I felt that this is very true. When I was in high school I would constantly hear the phones of other students ringing. They didn’t even answer right away. Some students would be talking on the phone and they are yelling or talking about things that other people really should not be listening to. Anytime I would go out or when I go to school I always put my phone on silent so I can receive a call and know about it but not disturb the people around me.
Taub says, “in the 1950s, people were used to the privacy of enclosed phone booths when making calls in public places.” Back in those days I would think that everyone wanted to keep their calls private, but to this day I think that many people just don’t care who hears them talking even is it is something that is meant to be private. Dr. Plant a researcher said, ” users also often engage in “stage-phoning,” making unimportant calls in public just to impress others.” I think this true. I sometimes noticed in high school that students would make calls or text the students that were siting right next to them. They most likely were trying to show off and get attention as they always got caught.
Carol Page, a Boston public relations consultant owns a web site that has hired three “cell spies.” They report bad cellular behavior. One guy they witnessed was a guest whose phone went off during a wedding between the words “I” and “Do.” As I read this it made me laugh a little bit, but at the same time I would be mad if it was my wedding and this happened. Even if the call was important at least mute your phone so you don’t disrupt the wedding. Another man was using a phone while using the urinal. I think this is just odd. If I had to use the restroom and I was on the phone I would ask if I could call back in a few minutes.
After reading this essay I found it hard to believe that cell phones have become, for most of us, a big part of our lives. Cell phones help us out and can provide ways to contact people were ever we are.


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