In February 9, 1985, Guadalajara, Mexico. Kiki attended

In this essay I will be telling you the story of Kiki Camarena. Kiki Camarena was a DEA (drug enforcement administration) agent who was killed on February 9th, 1985 by assassination. In this paragraph I will be talking to you about Kiki Camarena’s personal life such as where he grew up, where he attended school at, and who his family was. Kiki was born on July 26, 1947, in Mexicali, Mexico, and died on February 9, 1985, Guadalajara, Mexico. Kiki attended Calexico High School in Calexico, California and in 1966 he graduated, and he also went to Imperial Valley College.

Kiki Camarena was married to Mika Camarena until 1985 and had three children with her. Kiki’s three children were named Enrique Camarena Jr., Daniel Camarena, and Erik Camarena. Kiki was born under his two parents Dora Salazar-Camarena, and Daniel Camarena. In this paragraph I will be talking about how Kiki came to be the DEA agent that we remember him as today and what he did in preparation to obtain that job. Kiki Camarena’s first job was serving in the U.S. marines, then he later went on to become a legal clerk and a court recorder.

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His next jobs were to work at the Calexico Fire Department, and soon after the Calexico Police Department. In 1874 Kiki joined the DEA and was a very talented drug enforcement special agent. Then Kiki and his family were transferred to an undercover investigation in Guadalajara, Mexico, and in Guadalajara his mission was to stop the Caro-Quintero organization. On the afternoon of February 7th, 1985 Kiki was captured during his lunch hour.

He was severely beaten tortured and his dead body was found in Monero, Mexico outside of a ranch there. In this paragraph I will be discussing how the red ribbon week became a thing around the United States and why we participate in it. On February 7th, 1986 Calexico held a special ceremony in honor of him at the Calexico library, which has been renamed to the Enrique “Kiki” Camarena library. At this special event held in honor of Kiki Camarena his entire family wore red ribbons to the event. What these red ribbons proclaimed were “No use of illegal drugs, or no illegal use of legal drugs.

” Since that day people all over the world wear red ribbons on the days of October 23rd through October the 31st. In conclusion to this essay, I hope you learned a lot about Kiki Camarena and why we celebrate red ribbon week here in the United States. Now the next time you wear a red ribbon or dress up during red ribbon week think of why you are doing it.


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