In d) organizational identification (OI). From the

In this qualitative article, the researchers studied how employees respond to corporate social responsibilities that their organizations and if their perceptions affect their work performance. The purpose of the research was to study, how ethics and professionalism affects employee satisfaction. The researchers conducted a thorough literature review in which the following subject categories were studied. These subject categories encompassed: a) job satisfaction and turnover; b) employees’ perception of external and internal CSR; c) social identity theory; and d) organizational identification (OI). From the literature review, the researchers developed three hypotheses. The first hypothesis tested was, “Employees’ perceptions of (a) external and (b) internal CSR relate positively to job satisfaction.” (94). The second hypothesis tested was, “Employees’ OI mediates the relationship between perceived (a) external and (b) internal CSR and job satisfaction” (96). The third hypothesis tested was, “Overall justice mediates the relationship between perceived (a) external and (b) internal CSR with employees’ O” (97). The population studied encompassed of men and women who worked on the staff of a merging hospital in Belgium excluding doctors with the average age of 33 and organizational tenure of nine years. The method used was surveys that was translated into French and passed out and recollected. The data was analyzed using Likert type scales that had five constructs designed to pick a peak answer from the respondents. The results of the study confirmed all three hypotheses. There were three limitations in the research. The first limitation was the sample size was too small in the specific institution the research was carried in; it represented only 24% of the entire workforce. The researchers surveyed an institution where the average tenure was nine years, who is to say those employees have no just conformed to the organization social norm. Limitation two was the research was only carried out in one facility; a medic facility. That does not represent the views of the whole business industries. Limitation three was that the method they used to collect the data was very inappropriate. I suggest that next time they use questionnaires that would allow the respondents give specifics.


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