In transaction within inter-branch of the bank and

In this report the main focus is on the online banking services provided by Janata Bank Limited (JBL). For this purpose this also covers the general banking activities of JBL, especially of the Rajarbagh corporate branch. Those activities includes account opening, account closing, deposit collection, trade loan lending, cheques issuing, cash section, clearing and remittance etc. This report is mainly aimed to identify the online services like online bill payment, online clearing, online transaction within inter-branch of the bank and with other banks.

1.6-Limitations of the report:There is nothing that can be done with hundred percent perfection and satisfaction. Each work, especially a research work has some flaws that need further research. The limitations of this study are identified as follows:? Time constraint: less than three month time period is not that much enough to gather the practical knowledge about any organization specially in banking sector;? Confidentiality: the respective personnel of the IT department and other department was not able to provide all information and documents required for the study because of confidential issues;? Work load of the officials: the official have to be very busy with their daily work. Although they were very cooperative and helpful, they could not provide sufficient time for their work load;? Lack of experience: it was my first corporate life experience and I was not much familiar with the environment, in-experience is one of the major factors that consist the limitation of the report.

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