In English language proficiency of students leading to

In this section, the researcher gives conclusion to the study findings in relation to the study purpose. The study tested the hypothesis and reached that teaching methods have strong positive and significant relationship with an English language proficiency of students leading to the rejection of null hypothesis and accepting alternative hypothesis. The extents of teaching methods are strong positive and significantly correlated with the level of English language proficiency of students in selected universities in Hargeisa. The study validated the vygotskian Socio-cultural theory which looks at the second language learning as a cognitive development and the use of language is a cultural form of mediation, on the other hand, in teaching methods Vygotsky believed that when a student is at the Zone of Proximal development ( ZPD) for particular task, providing the appropriate assistance( scaffolding) will give the student enough of to achieve the task; therefore, the study validated and findings showed that there is an inadequate of appropriate tools of teaching methods and the students’ achievement of the English language proficiency is not efficient in the Hargeisa universities.

Although many researchers concentrated on teaching methods and English language proficiency, unfortunately there was a geographical gab and the context of this study was never been made a research concerned higher institutions in Hargeisa although there was an unpublished study was done by university of Hargeisa, however this study contributed to fill that gap and concentrated on teaching methods and English language proficiency of students in higher institutions in Somaliland particularly in Hargeisa. The researcher found out that without effective and good teaching methods, students in Hargeisa universities will not able to be proficient in English language in the proficiency of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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