In trend of living cost, revolution in living

In this segment this study deliberated the foremost issues of the altering inclination such as trend of living cost, revolution in living style, family size, effect of housing society and furthermost significantly impact of technological modifications.8.

1 Trend of living costNormally, the cities of the emerging countries have been faced with huge rising gap always between the wages and the expenditures of the middle class families. The increasing land value and manageability of the space are distributing the land into as much as slighter portions and the demand of living space is very inadequate according to high price. A foremost part of the regular family expenditures is to manage the price of living space.

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With the time period, the increasing inflation rate nearly adjacent to 7.93% (BBS, 2012), family earning progression is very restricted. The overall high expenditure is compelling families to lodge in less space, therefore totaling to the claim for lesser size urban residential parts.8.2 Altering life styleCurrently urban family size is getting too much limited and based on life style, with a regular single family including husband, wife and two children; the old-style joint family perception is declining its approach of the urban situation. The percentage of working parents growing at a high rate over time and grasped opportunity of urban doings, experts might refer this as a western impact or evolution of modern culture, but the specifics persist for the developing cities culture and life style alternates with the varying aspects of globalization. The impact of global work place traditions took part within the living spaces and is an amalgamation of private and public life trend which expresses the urban life elegance.

Usually, everyday living observations begins to outline the necessity of space and the practical features of the living spaces. Open spaces and paly grounds of urban societies are remarked in individual apartments including play station and gaming space. Public libraries have come forward to openings of information and material possessions with a laptop urging further space too. The internal space have altered to numerous purposes and altering spatial place with the transformation of happenings, a TV in the house is at one time an amusement hub, a study store and a sports center of fun as and when the action expresses the meaning of the space. This variation of life style has engaged with the requirement of separate spaces and pervaded a lot more open space alteration to the increasing need of urban living spaces.8.3 Minor family SizeWith the increasing pace of urbanization and living cost, the portion of expenditure has enforced families to cross over the old tradition and culture of joint family places. Retorting to the alterations in further open society, the notion of combined family house of numerous generation and relatives is gradually stepped out with fresh practice of several urban components with sporadic get together of family members to rejoice some main occasions.

Evolving with minor family sizes and less private space requirement, the lesser urban apartment localities are building its own customs right into the housing marketplace. Similarly, such types of housing requirement is greater specially the families including professional parents needed to reside in such urban apartment community sharing common spaces and devouring a place with security.8.4 Conversion towards housing societyGradually the value of land area increase highly over time and the requirement of land with high intention for smaller family size have turned the urban residential zones to neighborhood community. The concept of small housing society evolves at a very high rate with every single decade.

Such types of housing societies provide a notion to convert the inadequate land parcel to form multiple residential units constructing under the collaboration arrangement. By this way it formulates a society to mutually get the possession of the land and the other building amenity. The conversion from combined large family house to apartment society has completed the alteration of urban land price and influencing smaller units to single building cooperatively possessed by a small number of households.

Old-style family courtyard communities have been significantly interchanged by the cooperative buildings with secure facility zones.8.5 High-tech space modificationsAdvanced technology has always dedicated to outline the space it claims including the houses and in public places too.

The evolution of TV initially reformed the serviceable features of family living/drawing zone of a home and later it is more approaching of personal computer necessitated space for its efficient requirements. For instance the technology modifies its overall form and outline, so the necessity of the space that provides to its purpose. At present, introduction of Wi-Fi connectivity and touch screen easily movable devises, the requirement of distinct spaces is no longer relevant and the devices can easily move everywhere in the living room surrounded by the open planning internal space of minor urban units. With the provision of such modern facilities the outlook of internal spaces can be decorated and shuffled on user’s basis.


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