In growth of the team. Some time there

In this stage the team will share their ideas and discuss the issues such as what are the problems that they need to solve, how they can make put them in to the work, whether the task need to be taken as independent or as a divided between members. Storming approach is vital to the growth of the team. Some time there can be chances to have controversial, unpleasant situations which can end up entire team surfer. Hence acceptance between team members is an essential fact in this levelEvery human being born to the world is unique. They bring different skills, abilities and various imaginary visions with them.

These unique individuals transformed or adjust to their societies by learning the culture, values, and beliefs from their parents, adults, and teachers or from their own society. It is a method that children and adults learn from the others. The process of this transformation happens from the formal education through. Later on these individuals selected their carrier path based on their mastered of areas or skills.

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In every person’s working journey they meet the wonderful person called “Manager” or “Leader” to guide, or to mentor them.


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