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In today’s American society, one of the main social issues debated among citizens is ways to improve the affordability of the American healthcare insurance. The United States has one of the greatest economies in the world, but when it comes to healthcare performances and coverages, it is ranked as one of the lowest among the others developed and industrialized countries such as France, Switzerland, and Canada.

In this research essay, we will discuss the issue of health insurance being so expensive and possible solutions in order to make it affordable. Over the past decades, the American government has tried to make health insurance more affordable. For example, former president Barack Obama proposed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which in many cases has failed and caused insurers to increase their policy plans, as a result, it became more expensive and caused the government to increase taxes. There are several debates upon the current healthcare system, but for the most part, Americans do agree that there must be a change to make healthcare affordable for all.

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President Donald Trump has proposed to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act and Obamacare, which many Americans agree upon. As of today, according to latest insurance bill, the average health insurance in New York cost nearly $6,000 for an individual and $16,000 for a family. The insurance premiums are expected to rise 8.2% by the end of 2018. It is rising faster than the annual income rate. As the costs of insurance increases, it is less likely that individuals can afford them, especially those who are ranked on the lower social classes. Statistics have shown that in by 2020, as many as 23 million American citizens will lack health insurance.

This can have a major impact on the US economy. Moreover the legislative and the executive branch play an important role in what seems to be the best for our healthcare system, therefore, the Congress and the president decide the best policy for all Americans. A perfect example would be the Obamacare. Furthermore, numerous solution could be possibly found to decrease healthcare insurance cost. However, two best possible solutions to make healthcare affordable are: the first solution is for the government to take control of the pharmaceutical drugs prices instead of letting drug corporations having control of setting prices, the second solution is for the government subsidize the whole population in terms of healthcare. Consequently, with healthcare being so expensive, many Americans find themselves uninsured due to their social status. Nevertheless, the government should provide healthcare for those in needs because many Americans are dying due to the lack of healthcare.

However, a possibility of creating private clinics or hospitals should be created for those who can afford it but for those who can’t healthcare should be free. According to the American Journal of Public Health in 2017 and found that nearly 45,000 Americans die each year as a direct result of being uninsured and almost 33 million Americans do not have healthcare. Therefore, with that being said, the government should find a way to cut down on certain programs and invest more money into the healthcare department to make it free for all Americans just like other countries in the world.In addition, the federal government has many responsibilities in the healthcare system.

Rules, regulations, practices are the responsibilities of the government to established and to improve the overall quality of patients. The government not the creating enough new infrastructures in public health agencies to meet the needs of many Americans have a negative impact of the healthcare system. Therefore, with the government not being able to provide new infrastructures directly reflects to the states and locally. In conclusion, the United States has one of the worst healthcare systems in the world.

For a possible solution to this matter, the government should be accountable to ensure the society has the best available healthcare all around since the private sector on his own will rely only upon their best interest. The authorities must maintain the benefits of its residents by increasing their budget to close the gaps for those in needs where there is wrongness from the private sector. However, the final goal of attaining high fantastic healthcare will require strong partnerships amongst federal, state, and local governments and the non-public sector to determine the best healthcare for Americans.


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